Lab Location Name
Quantum Devices Laboratory R350, EE BuildingⅡ Ming-Hua Mao
Photonics and Nano-Structure Lab. R 453, EE BuildingⅡ. R101/202, EE BuildingⅠ Lon A. Wang
Display Optics Lab. R312,Barry Lam Hall Hoang-Yan Lin
Display Optics Lab. R351A, EE BuildingⅡ Hoang-Yan Lin
Fiber Laser Communication and Nanophotonics Laboratory R352B, EE BuildingⅡ Gong-Ru Lin
R233A, EE BuildingⅡ Chien-Chung Lin
Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Lab. R108, EE BuildingⅠ Hao-Hsiung Lin
Silicon Photonics and Organic Solar cell Lab. R405, EE BuildingⅡ/ R511, Barry Lam Hall Ching-Fuh Lin
Advanced Biomedical Optical Imaging Laboratory R125B, EE BuildingⅡ Hsiang-Chieh Lee
Display Technology Device Lab. R125A, EE BuildingⅡ Jiun-Haw Lee
Group of Organic Optronics and Displays R301, EE BuildingⅠ Chung-Chih Wu
2D Material Device Lab. R731, YongLin Biomedcal Hall Chih-I Wu
Scanning electronic microscope Lab. RB02, EE BuildingⅡ Chih-I Wu
Small Lab. R305A, EE BuildingⅡ Chih-I Wu
Photoelectron Spectroscopy Analysis Lab. R306A, EE BuildingⅡ Chih-I Wu
Thermal Image Lab R426, EE BuildingⅡ Chieh-Hsiung Kuan
National Taiwan University Center for Nano-fabrication E-Beam Lab R125A, EE BuildingⅡ Chieh-Hsiung Kuan
Micro-optical Devices Lab. R 352A, EE BuildingⅡ Guo-Dung(John) Su
Optoelectronic Device Simulation Laboratory R425B, EE BuildingⅡ Yuh-Renn Wu
Integrated Optoelectronics Laboratory R307B, EE BuildingⅡ Chao-Hsin Wu
Integrated Optoelectronics Laboratory R301B, EE BuildingⅡ Chao-Hsin Wu
Light-emitting Material Spectroscopy Lab. R403, EE BuildingⅡ C.C.(Chih-Chung) Yang
Biophotonics Imaging Lab. R404, EE BuildingⅡ C.C.(Chih-Chung) Yang
C.C.(Chih-Chung) Yang
C.C.(Chih-Chung) Yang
PO Design and Modeling Laboratory R351B, EE Building Ⅱ Yih-Peng Chiou
Advanced Silicon Device and Process Lab. Chee-Wee Liu
Ultra Fast Optics Lab. R407B, EE BuildingⅡ Chi-Kuang Sun
Nano Biophotonics Lab. R406A, EE BuildingⅡ Chi-Kuang Sun