Lon A.  Wang
Name Lon A. Wang
Title Professor
Education Ph.D., Univ. of Arizona, U.S.A.
Tel +886-2-23635251ext.539
Office EE Building Ⅱ, R539
Publication List https://www.ee.ntu.edu.tw/publist1.php?teacher_id=941001&p=3
Research Topics 1. Fiber Gratings: design, fabrication, measurement, and application
2. Fiber Sources: navigation grade superfluorescence fiber source, multi-wavelength fiber source, and polarized fiber source
3. Lithography and Nano-Imprint: generation of large-area micro/nano-structures on planar or curved substrates, application for IC and EO
4. Miniaturized Optical Fiber Devices: communication, and sensing
Lon A. Wang (王 倫) received his Ph.D. degree in Optical Sciences Center from the University of Arizona in 1988. Following graduation, he continued as postdoctoral researcher. In 1989 he joined Bell Communication Research (BEELCORE) where he worked in the areas of wavelength division multiplexing technologies and optical fiber network system technologies. In 1992, he joined the Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, where he is currently a professor. His current interests are design, fabrication, and modeling of active and passive fiber devices and guided-wave components for photonic integrated circuits, optical fiber communication and sensing system applications; semiconductor nano-fabrication for integrated circuits and electro-optical devices.
Lab Title Location
Photonics and Nano-Structure Lab. R 453, EE BuildingⅡ. R101/202, EE BuildingⅠ
Year AcademicAdvising Category Open Quota
2023 M.A
2023 Ph.D.
2022 M.A
2022 Ph.D.
2021 M.A
2021 Ph.D. 1
2020 M.A
2020 M.A