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Research Scope

The research topics of the faculty in GIPO cover a broad spectrum of photonics and optoelectronics technologies, including
  1. Display technologies: liquid crystal displays (LCD), design and fabrication of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) displays, poly-Si and amorphous thin film transistors for LCD and OLED display, projector techniques, and optical MEMS for display applications.
  2. Energy technologies: solid-state lighting, solar cells, wide-band-gap semiconductors, novel materials and nanostructures for light-emitting devices.
  3. Nano-technologies: semiconductor quantum dots, photonic crystals, surface plasmonic crystals, and nm-scale measurements.
  4. Nonlinear-optics technologies: nonlinear photonic crystals, wavelength conversion, and micro-structure optics.
  5. Optical fiber communication technologies: active and passive fiber-based devices, and modules and subsystems in optical fiber communications.
  6. Optoelectronic devices: LiNbO3 waveguides, silicon-photonics, laser diodes and amplifiers, photo-detectors, waveguide devices, optical MEMS devices, and numerical modeling techniques.
  7. Bio-photonic technologies: bio-sensing, bio-photonic instrumentation, optical coherence tomography, harmonic imaging, and THz imaging.