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Core Competencies

Core Values

Sincere belief in the University's motto, "cultivate virtue, advance intellect; love one's country, love one's people";deep conviction in the core values of honesty, pragmatism, innovation, vision, diversity, cooperation

Educational Aims

(1) Solid professional education in Photonics and Optoelectronics
(2) High quality photonic and optoelectronic technological research
(3) Profound vision of photonic and optoelectronic industry and academia
(4) Broad international horizon

Students’Core Capabilities

(1) To gain basic knowledge of photonic and optoelectronics and grow in ability to apply it in that field
(2) To plan and execute research, develop professional skills and possess data analysis abilities
(3) To possess the ability to record research achievements in Chinese and English; doctorate students must also possess the ability to write papers in English for journals
(4) To think and analyze, then solve problems, or contribute innovative research ideas
(5) To understand the knowledge and skills of different fields
(6) To understand how one’s research will affect living environment and international society
(7) To lead research teams in carrying out experiments or present findings at a seminar
(8) To comprehend academic ethics, respect intellectual property rights, continuously study and grow in knowledge of the professional field