Lung-Han  Peng
Name Lung-Han Peng
Title Professor
Education Ph.D., Harvard Univ., U.S.A.
Tel +886-2-33663649
Office EE Building Ⅱ, R439
Office hour Friday 16:00~ 18:00
Publication List
Research Topics 1. Ferroelectric nonlinear photonics for laser and display applications
2. Nitride based nanowire and nanocrystal light emitting diodes and transistors
3. Nanocrystal based phase change memory devices
4. Integration of Ge-based nanowire transistor with Si technology
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Lung-Han Peng (彭隆瀚) was born at Bay-Kang (北港), Taiwan in 1964. He received his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University in 1986, and his Master's and Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 1989 and 1994, respectively. He was a visiting scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1994 and post-doctoral fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1995. He is now a professor at the Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering in National Taiwan University. His research interest includes semiconductor optics and nonlinear optics. 
Year AcademicAdvising Category
2024 M.A
2024 Ph.D.
2023 M.A
2023 Ph.D.
2022 M.A
2022 Ph.D.
2021 M.A
2021 Ph.D.
2020 M.A
2020 Ph.D.