Lab Title Display Optics Lab.
Location R312,Barry Lam Hall
Research Direction The research interest of the Display Optics Lab. is primarily focused on the micro-optics technology and its integration with display and image systems. We have established core technologies on optical design and measurement techniques. We have applied these technologies to the application areas such as micro-optical components for OLED, backlight units and 3D-display systems. We also pay attention to lens design and its application for imaging systems.For micro-optical components, our group is conducting researches on performance enhancement of display systems by designing and fabricating microstructures, such as micro-lens arrays, gratings, or sub-wavelength structures. For optical system applications, our group is currently investigating optical enhancement module, back-lighting configuration, projection system using solid-state light sources and auto-stereoscopic 3D display system.
Extension Number +886-2-33663534