Cleaner Graphene Offers Better Device Performance

  • 2014-05-04
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Free Floating
To transfer a thin sheet of graphene (yellow honeycomb) to a device being built, researchers first lower a sheet of graphene grown on copper (top left) into a petri dish containing an etchant. A graphite holder keeps the graphene in place. After etching away the copper, the researchers replace the etchant with solvent (light blue, bottom left) and slip the device (pink, “substrate”) under the floating graphene sheet (bottom right). Pumping away the solvent lowers the graphene onto the substrate (top right).

本所吳志毅教授研究團隊近期於ACS NANO 所發表的文章 (ACS Nano 2014, DOI: 10.1021/nn406170d),提出了一個全新轉印石墨烯的方法,獲得 C & EN (Chemical & Engineering News)雜誌專訪,專訪文章放於該雜誌的News of the Week,網址如下: Cleaner Graphene Offers Better Device Performance